Christmas stocking ideas from £3 to £9

Everyone loves Christmas, but there are always that time when you have a main present for some one but you just need one more small stocking filler type presents to finish it off! Well I have come up with a few items in which I have brought this year as stocking filler presents. 

The first idea is this Spiced apple gift set From the Body Shop. I really want you to all go to your nearest Bldy Shop and smell the spiced apple scent, it’s amazing! It’s one of my favourite scents along with pink grapefruit. This was only £7 and it includes a mini shower gel, a mini body butter (there body butters are stunning by the way, I have gone through so many pots!) and one of those shower flower things – I’m not sure what they are actually called, but most people call them shower scrunchies, but I like to call the shower flowers as I think it’s a really cute name for them! Haha! This is a good way to show someone the products in which are available in the Body Shop if they haven’t tried anything or the spiced apple from there before. 

Next is a product from Lush, this wouldn’t be one of my gift guides without a Lush product! This is the cheapest item I have here to show you and it’s the butter bear. It’s great for people you don’t know much about, for example a work party, as there isn’t a strong or specific scent to it so it’s good for everyone. Also at the price of £1.95 I feel like it’s such a cute little addition to a gift! 

These are very popular with girls who love to use nail varnish! So I have picked a few shades which are my favourite and really cool! They actually do some Christmassy type varnishes now which are stunning! The matte varnish was shown to me by one of my best friends, and she was saying that instead of buying the matte nail varnish colours I buy this one and I apply to any nail varnish to make it matte! It’s amazing! These are £2.99 – £3.99 from Superdrug and boots and they are amazing for the cheap price in which they are! 

Next is a book in which I am loving at the moment, and I haven’t finished it yet but it’s a really good book, for all those book worms! This was £8.99 from Amazon. I really think this is a good stocking filler as people can put it in their bag to read on the way to college, work etc. 

Lastly I have a really nice wintery gift for all those ladies who get cold easily and like to have those days/ nights where you want to snuggle in front of the TV and watch Elf haha! I know I do! This actually came with a black ribbon but I changed it for this one! This is from Next and it was £8 and I really like it because it’s not to big. I had to go and buy my cat one too, as she kept knicking mine! Haha! 


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