Having confidence

Grab a hot chocolate, coffee or your favourite drink, and a blanket, this is a long one but I hope you enjoy it. 

 This is a topic I have been wanting to write about for quite a while, I have wanted to have a decent amount of time to write it and make it really meaningful. 

Having the confidence to say anything, whether that’s in the classroom, in a coffee shop in the street, makes you the person you really are, Without it, you can’t be yourself and others can’t see the amazing person in which you are. People take their lack of confidence in many ways, in which it’s hard to decide if you are really lacking in confidence or its ‘just a phase’. 

Even to this very day, I give myself little challenges, and I say to myself “Today I am going to make someone I don’t know smile” even if it’s something small, like If I smile or say “Good morning” to someone on the street. 

A personal experience was when I was in secondary school, in which I know many people will be able to relate to. Moving from a tiny school, where you were probably one of the older ones to being one of the youngest and probably the smallest ones. I was so nervous and I had many butterflies, the week before moving up, I had no idea if it was going to be better or worse. After my first day, I actually got really upset! (The same thing happened on my first day of college as well!) Thinking about it, I think I got upset because of all the build up of the butterflies, will I know anyone?, will I like my teachers? Etc that it all had to come out so that I could have a fresh start. I was always quiet through my secondary years and I regret it so much as my last year of secondary my confidence grew, I was a lot louder and I had so much fun.

 I always think to myself, imagine if I was confident from day one? But I try to look beyond that and look at the positives and how much I have grown. I made some amazing friends from the first week to the end week, which I hope to stay friends with. The amazing times in my science lessons, so much happened in each tiny hour, I grew a lot, as by year eleven, I was having conversations with boys and other people who weren’t in my friendship group, I never believed that I could ever do that! I also use to hang around with groups I would never think I would. 

By year eleven I would put my hand up in lessons and I remember my teachers have have a surprised look on their faces, as I was always so quiet. 

Wearing what I wanted to wear, the clothes which made me happy, on mufti (wear your own clothes day) and to college because whatever you wear you’ll fit in, don’t be someone your not because everyone will love you for who you are. A quote I love is “Don’t be someone your not, because everyone else is taken” Mufti days tend to bring a lot of stress. No one really minds what you wear, everyone has there own personality and clothing preferences. If anyone does say anything which isn’t very nice, then their just jealous! 

I found it useful when I was giving myself little challenges, this has helped me to do all of this and more, I now go to college and I enjoy every second of it! I still give myself little challenges till this very day! 

Like: today I’m going to put my hand up in my english class today, or I’m going to make friends with someone new this week. Etc. As small or as big as they are, every challenge gets you one step further into becoming yourself who is confident. 

Many think having confidence is a gift and you have to be a certain person, well I can easily say that you don’t have to be ‘more pretty’ or ‘cleverer’, everyone is the same, and should be treated fairly, it’s how you build yourself and the challenges you give your self to make you the person you want to be. 

I hope you have found this helpful, if I have helped at least one of you then I have succeeded, a lot of people tell me that they struggle with their confidence and thought this would be helpful to you all as having confidence makes you, You!

You are all amazing in your own way and thank you for all your lovely comments and messages. 

Have a lovely day




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