Waiting for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but i cant wait until Christmas comes, walking through the high street makes me buzz with excitement, seeing all the lights and Christmas decorations in the shop windows. I am really missing the long light nights, as these dark nights are making me tired very early, which results in me not getting very much done. Also i usually take photos with natural light when i get home from College and work but its very hard as it gets very dreary so it makes my photos dark. The cold seasons is really affecting my cat, Tefia. She is taking every opportunity to sit of my lap and snuggle into me to keep warm. For example she is snuggling up of the end of my legs while i write this on my laptop.


Today has been a productive day, and not as busy as the past couple of weeks. I had my first lie in, for a while and went into College for a couple hours and then returning home to finish my brief which i had been set from College on Monday. As soon as i got home, i put on my penguin Christmas leggings and a cat Christmas jumper which my mum dug out for me the other day. The outfit in which i put on today for College was base on the monochrome theme with a hint of pastel pink.  




Black Coat from Next, Pink Blouse from Primark, Curled style scarf from H&M, Patterned Skirt from Candy Couture, Black tights from H&M, and Heeled Boots from Rocket dog.




I have been enjoying wearing skater skirts recently because i love styling them in different ways. I needed a coat which would go with the rest of my outfit, so i asked my mum if i could borrow her black coat so she kindly lent me it, which was really nice because i feel like it really finished off the outfit. As always i needed a scarf so i went with a neutral one which a friend gave me a few years ago.




I needed to show you the Costa Mocha which i brought today, i went for medium because i thought the small wasn’t going to be enough and it was huge, here its compared with the medium take away cup. I couldn’t finish it so i poured it into Beth’s cup when she finished so we could go shopping, otherwise it would have taken me weeks to drink it!





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