Drummer's make bath's better

Hello everybody! 

I am just getting back into the swing of college again, and today I had to go in but when I got there my only lesson of the day was cancelled … But it was an excuse to have a look around the sales in the shops, I only bought a pack of five washi tapes from paperchase. I only have one lesson tomorrow morning and then coming home to film some videos and have a chillaxing day really, might go for a walk or watch some movies or something. 

I love a good bath now and again, after a long busy day you just want to relax watch a film, and have a good old pamper night! 

This is one of my favourite Lush product which I like to call the bubble maker, okay, the actual name is ‘drummers drumming’ which I think is such a cute name, it even have bells on it which when you swing it around it jingles! The smell is so refreshing and clean if you get what I mean. Also it make tons of bubbles so you can have the excuse of blowing a hand full of bubbles! 

(You’ll have to excuse the packaging which is stuck to it as I have already used it then put it back into the paper packet again and it stuck together! Silly me! Oops!) 


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