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This year I wanted to work with some bloggers, to show you all some amazing bloggers which have unique talents etc.  Recently i have been working with Lianne Williams and she does these amazing art works! Lianne mainly works with Art and illustrations from people to everyday objects like the tray i have created to sit on my window still with all my everyday needs. Lianne has created a stunning piece of artwork of the tray and i think its so effective!
Thank you to www.liannewilliams.com for creating this amazing creation!

This is the original photo in which Lianne painted. It was beyond what i was expecting! I created this tray to keep everything i use on a daily basis because it is so easy to loose things. I keep three little jars with earphones, hair bands that sort of thing. A mini milk bottle with cotton buds, another with a fake flower in, hand cream, Ted Baker candle and a Tanya burr lip gloss.

I find this so handy to keep everything together and i think its actually quite pretty!

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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