Formal panda

I haven’t worn jeans for around half a year to a year now due to my legs being so small that they end up baggy on me, but then i was looking around Primark the other day and found a pair which was a perfect fit for me. I have had them two days and i paired them with different blouses each day, this needed to change as first of all i like to change things up a bit and second i ran out of blouse choice without going to posh for college. I decided to go with my Panda suit type top, and just a plain vest top.

Today i won a pair of ear phones from Claire’s Accessories! It made my day winning them as i was having a down afternoon as we were in a stuffy room in college and that room for some reason gets me down, i think it is because its very stuffy and hot so i cant concentrate well.

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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