Hello 2015

As we all do at the beginning of every year, we set little resolutions (goals) in which we would like to achieve for the year ahead. In the past i have said some random ones and then never thought any more about it, this year its going to be different. This year I’m going to change that and i am going to try extra hard to achieve them. So here we go to success!

I am going to split this post into two, one being my resolutions, and the other being my bucket list of this year. These are my resolutions:

Save Money I know this is a regular one, but i really do want to save money for my future, house, car you get what i mean. I’m getting quite good at saving but I’d like to carry it on in this year.

Grow My Nails If you have seen my nails you will know that they are so small that you cant see any white, so this year I’m going to have them a bit longer that i can paint them without getting varnish on my skin!

Let my hair grow out The last time i cut my hair short i didn’t like it very much so now im going to let my hair grown long so i can do nicer hair styles and put my hair into high ponytails etc. As i never really do anything with my hair so I’d like to experiment more.

Do more for other people I have been thinking about this for a little while now and this doesn’t mean just helping around the house, I’m thinking more of helping the homeless and helping other people to make them smile etc. However big or small that is.

Live a life I’m proud of I want to do things everyday weather its small or big, i want to make everyday amazing so i can look back and go Wow, i cat believe i did that.

Develop my Photography skills Recently i have really enjoyed taking photos I’m going to try and see photos in different ways to try and produce different styles.

Cook more Looking back, i didn’t do much cooking last year, so this year i am going to cook more things, cakes, biscuits, meals, cookies, you name it.

Learn to drive want to learn to drive so i can travel, i love travelling to new places and see how others live. 

Sew more Recently I have been sewing a lot more like skater skirts, skater dresses, and cushions etc and I have been really enjoying it so I would like to do more and develop my skills. 

Live more This one is very important as in my next blog post you will mainly see why, but I live most my life on my ipad, (don’t worry I won’t stop blogging, making videos, social media etc) but I’d like to do more activities which are off technology if that it outdoors or in. 

What resolutions are you setting yourself for 2015?? 


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