HobbyCraft Haul

The You You are never going to believe this, but before two days ago i have never been to HobbyCraft! When i went in i was speechless, its amazing! Its everything crafty i want all in one store! And of course I have to stock up on a few pretty pieces, I didn’t buy much as it’s quite expensive there but i am in love with all the things I did buy.

So I bought three packs of three washi tapes as I am in love with these tapes as they are perfect for everything! Cards, diaries, etc. I love the patterns they did here as I normally only ever see the same types of ones. These are very unique. As you can see they all reflect my personality! These packs were three pounds fifty for each pack of three with each tape containing five meters.  

I also bought this ribbon because it was cheaper than all the other places I have seen it and you get more for the money! This was a pound for three meters. 

Lastly as I got to the till, I saw a box for a lucky dip for a pound and I thought I’d have a go and I picked out this cd which includes templates and fonts and things which actually looks quite fun and quirky so I’ll give that a go!  


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