Ruth Crilly and Recycling Tea Cups

After finishing my last dry shampoo which was the Umberto Giannini morning after, I wanted to use a different one which I have been eyeing up for a little while now. I found out that Ruth Crilly, you’ll probably know her better as ‘A model recommends’ has brought out her own dry shampoo. 

There are lots of different scented ones all named a different place, I thought this added a nice touch. I chose the Tokyo one as I liked this scent the most, it’s a very sweet scent. 

I’m really proud of this tea cup and saucer which I brought and it’s actually from a recycling centre and you’ll never guess but it was only a pound! I just washed it and it looks brand new. As many of you can tell I do like tea cup and saucers, I just love how they look and that their are so many different types and styles. I think my favourite part is the gold rims by far. 

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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