Tea cups and coffee

I like to start the day with a coffee in the mornings, as you can see I am a coffee person! I love to try different coffee shops, in a way you could say I’m a coffee tester. I made this coffee below with my coffee machine and It made a really pretty half and half pattern of coffee to milk.

I’m really enjoying the cold season and But I just really want it to snow as all my friends on my road all meet up and have a massive snow ball fight and make giant snowmen, and I don’t often see them nowadays due to going to different sixth form/ colleges. Also I really want to make a snowman like Olaf from snowman (if you don’t know who he is, then he is a snowman from the film from Frozen, and he like warm hugs) but like Olaf I really want summer to come along as I’m excited to be able to sit outside and hear the birds chirping ect.

I do love my new tea cup(£3.99) as it has my signature pattern on, red with white polka dots on.

This is the tea cup (£2.50) I used this morning for my Latte which I think the pods I was using have gone a little funny as the milk tasted a bit weird but it was a very nice way to start the morning, as normally I don’t have time to have a coffee before I go college


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