The old style

Photos by Bethany Lowry

New Look Coat and Shoes (Similar here) // Cath Kidston Bag // H&M Leggings

When we were looking for a pretty background for my photos, we found a new place which neither of us had been before. It was kind of old style with the whole bridge look with Victorian lamp posts which always interests me a lot.

After wearing quite high heels the day before and walking on uneven ground, my feet were quite sore as i need to get used to wearing them again, so i opted for more solid boots if you get what i mean.

I also wanted to have a very quick chat about my YouTube channel. Unfortunately i am not able to make videos anymore due to College etc. and I don’t feel like its my sort of thing at the moment. But looking more on the positive side, i can now have more time on my blog so i will be uploading more often and they will be a lot more of a high standard. I hope you are all having a lovely day.

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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