Check mate!

Primark checkered top and skinny black jeans// New look scarf and coat// www.buytshirtsonline top// Rocket dog boots// Maybelline Lipstick// 

Ever since I was little I have always loved checked tops, they are just so easy to pair with and it’s a kind of chuck on top espically when I have one of those days where ‘I have nothing to wear!’ – Girls, we all have them! I was having one of those days today, so I paired them with the normal jeans and normal boots. I find to dress up the outfit I wear a bright or dark lipstick today I decided to go with bright as it was a slightly rainy day so I wasn’t to add some colour and happiness! 

We just got Netflix and I’ve wanted to watch Pretty Little Liars for ages, and now I can eventually watch it! We got it yesterday evening and I have already watched 9 eposodes! I am in love with it and I just want an extra week so I can sit and watch them all, and on a side note, they defiantly did very well in picking the boys who were going to be in it! Dreamy! 

I hope you are all having a lovely day and that you are still injecting a bit of colour and happiness in these rainy days. 

Stylishly yours

Hannah x


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