Current skincare routine

Today, i thought I’d show you my skincare routine. It tends to change a little throughout the year, so I’m showing my current routine which has made a very big difference, to my skin. To start, my skin is a combination of oily on my nose and chin area and dry forehead.

I cleanse every night, sometimes twice to take of all my makeup and dirt, with the Soap and Glory Cleanse and Polish. Then i use they Liz Earle cleanse and polish once a week or when i am feeling extra clammy or oily.

I use the muslin cloths by The body shop, and Liz Earle as i find they are very high quality for the price. When i want a deep cleanse i will use the Body shop sponges, i really like these because they are just so easy to use and you get two sponges for only three pounds which i think is a real bargain!
The scrubs i use are the Garnier brush and the St Ives scrub these get very deep into your pores and it gives my face a real fresh start if you get what i mean.

There are a few moisturisers which i use, the Garnier moisturiser is my go to everyday. Its great for all skin types which is good for my crazy multi-skin. After baths i like to use the Simple moisturiser as baths dry my skin out even more. My weekly moisturisers are Benefit total moisturiser and eye cream, as these are amazing and my favourite but i don’t want to use it up to fast as it expensive.

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday, i had a day off to do some fitness games on the xbox and relax, i am eating a lot healthier recently which i think makes me feel amazing and has cleared my skin up a bit. Today gave me some inspiration for how i am going to carry on with my blog and how it will grow.

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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