Same old, same old

Next coat// Debanhams scarf// primark boots and jeans// Jane Norman bag// 

I’ve been loving my new heeled boots, and scarf recently that I’m wearing them again! For some reason when I wash my hair before going to college it goes so crazy, and today, was one of those days. If your wondering why I’m wearing the same pair of jeans all the time, I have two pairs of the same jeans and that its so cold at the moment I don’t really want to wear a skirt. 

I have put some fake nails on because I will grow my nails, and this is step one, I have a habit of biting my nails but never this bad, I haven’t seen the White parts of my nails for about a year and I’m biting the skin around my nails as well so it all needs to stop. After the fake nails I and going to keep putting the Sally Hanson strong nail varnish on all the time. 

Hope your all having a lovely week 

 Stylishly yours 

Hannah x 


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