patisserie Valerie


I am really into the French café called patisserie Valerie. The cakes they do are amazing! Of course I wanted to go there two days in a row! I didn’t have enough time to post a blog post for each day so I have put them all into one.

I did a bit of travelling (two hours) to meet two of my good friends, i had a lovely time looking around shops, and having a good laugh. We went to the main shopping centre and there was a kind of market store with lots of amazing foods like Turkish delight, fudge and sweets etc. 

As I was travelling for half the day I wanted to go for more of a comfortable look which was both warm and light because I didn’t know what the weather was going to turn out like, it was actually really nice weather with blue skies! Surprise, surprise I went for black skinny jeans, heeled boots and my black velvet style coat. But today I wanted to wear my new scarf from Debanhams, it is pastel pink of one side and skin colour the other with a few stars over it, it’s really thin as well which is always a bonus in this cold weather! It’s my new favourite scarf. 

I wanted to write this last night but when I came home I was so tired. 

I hope you are all having a lovely half term, or week.

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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