Valentine's Visiting Broad church

Accessorize Heart mirror and bracelet // Pandora bracelet// River Island rings and earrings// Primark checkered top and jeans// 

Valentine’s Day, sometimes it’s a great day, sometimes bad, some treat it like a normal day, yesterday I decided to go to the place where the ITV Broad Church was filmed, west bay. It’s such a photogenic place! I my parent gave me two cupcakes which were very yummy, and as we were going to be walking around i wanted to go for a more a casual outfit, a checkered top and skinny jeans. Above you can see the makeup and jewellery I wore. 

I have never seen so many different types of dog in one area, but then again it’s an amazing place to take them! I also had so delicious pizza and hot chocolate, and walked a lot, up and down cliffs, beaches and fields. And of course we saw some of the areas in which Broad Hcurch was filmed, it’s so cute! As I was saying with West Bay being so photogenic, I wanted to show you some of the photos, so grab a cup of coffee or hot beverage as their are quite a few! 

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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