A dash of colour

This was a plain Jane kind of day wearing all black with a dash of colour with the silk scarf which is from Acessorize, I feel like it adds a bit of class to an outfit, I’m waiting for the not so windy days so I can wear the silk scarf with my fedora hat because I have a feeling that they are going to look so cute together. 

Recently trying to fit everything in to my week makes my life quite hectic but fun, going to college is one whilst starting our mi all major project, but their are a few more things I’ve been trying to do weekly. Zumba for a start, as you may or not know I’ve gone back to going to a Zumba class in my village every Thursday but yesterday I bought a Zumba game which connects to the wii, I tried it out and I am really loving it, ideally I’d like to do it everyday for at least an hour, I will get the summer body I am dreaming of! 

Another thing I am doing is seeing all my friends from my secondary, since being at college I

 haven’t had any time to meet. I’m trying to fit everything in and I’m getting tireder which can be good in some ways that I’ll sleep properly at night and I’m getting all the things I want to get done but I’m knackered by the end of the week!

I hope you are enjoying the week. 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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