Back in time to the 1950s collab with my daisy chain closet

As many of you know last year I did a collab with Lydia eve ( she has an amazing blog and she blogs a variety of subjects which I love reading. 

Today we have decided to do out interpretation on the 1950s outfits. I love the fashion from this era, as many of you know that I am a big fan of my skater skirts. In the 1950s I feel like women had a lot of fun picking their outfits to ensure their beauty was perfect, if your not sure what the fashion trends were in this decade – I can completely understand if you don’t because I wasn’t born then! 

When I was taking photos for my interpretation of the 1950s, I was choosing the the outfit for hours because I got wayy to into this, but I enjoyed it so much, I could dig through all my Accessories and clothes and find all the items I haven’t seen in years. I don’t know about you but all my things have a meaning/ story behind It and every thing I found I liked to sit and think of the story. 

I went for a good old traditional skater skirt, which believe it or not I made myself – if you would like a tutorial on how to make this then please let me know and I’ll do a blog post on it. I though this was perfect for the 50s, although it’s not a full skirt I though that this was close enough. I don’t really have any of the heart shaped top tops, so I paired the skirt with this beautiful vest type top from Zara near the top it has a really detailed cut out pattern which I think adds a lot to the outfit. 

Of course when I thought the 50s I didn’t just think outfits, I went all out with the winged eyeliner, and rosy cheeks and the red lip stick which is from Ted Baker If any of you were wondering. I tied my hair into a top bun which I actually thought suited me so I think I’ll be wearing this hair style more often, and put a head band with a bow around on top. 

When the photos were being taken I had to stop half way through and got my retro telephone! I thought that it really went well with the blog post! 

Don’t remember to check out Lydia’s post as her blog is amazing!  ( 

Hope you enjoyed this post

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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