Butterfly cakes

I don’t bake enough so I thought I’d make something easy to get myself back into baking again, so I decided to do good old butterfly cakes. (I’m sorry about the yellows lighting, it’s the first time I’ve taken pictures there and I’m getting used to it! ) I hope you enjoy making them, if you do please can you send me pictures because I’d love to see them! 

The ingredients you will need to make them: 

113g of butter, slightly soft – room temperature will be fine 

113g caster sugar 

113g self raising flour 

1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder

2 medium sized eggs

A drop of vanilla essence 

(For the icing) 

56g of butter, room temperature

113g icing sugar 

Jam of your choice. 

How to make them: 

Turn on the oven to 190 C or 375 F 

Cream together the butter and sugar until it’s light, fluffy and pale. You can do this by good old muscles or whisk. 

Put in the eggs and add a bit of flour and lightly fold the mixture, and keep adding the flour until it’s all gone. Then add the vanilla essence. 

Use two tea spoons to fill the cupcake cases (about 10 – 12) until they are around half full. 

Pop into the oven for around 15 minutes – try not to open the oven through those 15 minutes. Until they have risen and firm. Take them out and leave to cool for five minutes. 

Transfer to a cooling rack, and while they continue to cool you can mix together the icing sugar and butter to make butter icing. 

Cut the top of the cupcakes in half and cut the top in half to create beautiful wings put a dollop of butter icing In the hole on to of the cakes and place the wings on top, them to finish add a line of jam in the middle to create a body. 


Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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