Casual Morning outfit

Yesterday I asked one of my good college friends, jade, if she could take a couple of photos for my blog with her beautiful camera, It’s made me realise that my camera isn’t as good as I thought, jade has the Canon EOS 1100d, you can all guess what is on my wishlist now can you? I love how the background is blurred a littl while I’m clear. The quality is stunning and the size of the camera itself is quite small really. 

For my outfit I have gone with the classy basic black look. I was only out for a few hours so it was a chuck on outfit, so the black jeans came out again and I paired them with a classic satin and lace top which I am in love with but I think it’s pretty old now. Although its apparently spring it’s still quite cold but I’m not really complaining as it means I can wear my star scarf which I got a couple of months ago in Debanhams. 

I was taking some pictures for my second account on Instagram and I really liked this photo it just reminds me of summer because of the bright yellow flowers! I got some more mocha coffees for my coffee machine as I ran out, I can’t believe how much I missed them! 

Thursday I am hoping to have a change to my hair, my hair dresser is really nice and cut my hair well so I’m really excited for a change, my hair is quite long and straggly. So I really would like a structured cut which doesn’t take as long to dry! 

Hope you are having a nice week

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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