Everyday brushes

Personally I love my makeup brushes I use them for everything, foundation, concealer, eye shadow… I love trying them out and finding new ones, like right now I really wish I could own some of Sam and Nicks new Real Techniques brushes, you know the really posh, snazzy gold brushes, Yep them. How pretty! 

But as they are way to expensive for my budget I am sticking to these, I have a mixture of sets but I only seem to use only these six brushes. I have gotten in a good routine of using certain brushes for different things as I always have that habit of mixing shades etc. Come on girls, we’ve all done I can’t be the only one! 

Going from left to right, the first four are all Real Techniques, the first version, and I love how soft the bristles are and how they apply makeup, i use the buffing brush (gold) for foundation and concealer, the blush brush (pink) of course for applying blush, and the next two being for my eyes, the bigger, wider brush for base and thinner for my crease, these all blend so well and give a really natural finish. 

The big black brush I apsolutly have no idea how I got and where but I love it for applying my highlighter it’s a QVS brush, I have to push the brush together to create a line so it doesn’t go everywhere but I find that it does the job, it’s also quite twig like if you get what I mean it’s not very soft which is kind of annoying. Pathetic last brush is from my bronzer cause girl, we gotta define those cheek bones! Again I have to push the brush together to create a line as I find its on the larger side but it’s amazing! I actually got this brush from my friend Beth which is really nice. 

This brush choice will probably change when the sunnier weather starts to come in as I will be changing my makeup to a more lighter look. 


I thought I’d give you a little update on my fitness exercise etc, so as usual I can’t seem to get myself off those Hot Chocolate Milanos from Cafe Nero as they are so nice but I am eating a lot of iceberg lettuce (thank you beth!) and I will be starting again with smoothies soon, so if you would like some of my smoothie recipes then give me a line! (Who says that nowadays! Haha) as with the exercise I am doing so well I have been doing around two and half hours a night for around two weeks of zumba and running, I’ve been doing this all on the wii and the xbox because that’s what I find best for me. This week I had been over doing it as I was finding my self doing so much more than two and a half hours, in a day whilst doing proper zumba sessions in my village. 

Now i think I have pulled muscles or something in both legs as I’m really struggling to walk and going up stairs it’s gotten a lot better since yesterday but still hurts so I’m resting today. I need to start not pushing myself too much! 

I hope you are all having a nice time off and that a lovely week 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x



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