Happiness in the air

I woke in a great mood this morning, I wanted to go for an outfit which showed that, so of course I brought out the good old skater skirt with my Cath Kidston converse and frilly socks. For the top half of my outfit I decided to go for a burgundy top with has buttons at the back and if you are wondering I keep the buttons done up and then pull it over, I paired this with a comfy grey jumper which Is normally my home snuggle jumper (come on, we all have one!) but I was off to watch a dance performance which I’ll explain in a bit, but I was going to be sat for a little while. 

With this dance performance I was off to watch this morning was a collabaration we did with other student within the college, but of course it didn’t run smoothly, we were told the wrong time so we had to wait around for ages so hat was the first thing but then I found that the first group performance had all of the costume we made. You can guess that mine wasn’t there, I wasn’t very happy because a lot of hard work and tears was put in to produce that so I was quite annoyed to be honest, especially that everyone else’s were there and that other dancers had old costumes which ex students had made like years ago. 

But going back to my title of this post. I then have my self a pep talk and told myself that “look, I’m all well and healthy, also I’m still honoured to be part of this college so I am a lot happier now” being unhappy is never good so I always try to be happy. A couple of my college my college friends were telling me how they have never seen me upset or moody and that made me think as my hope is to give off a great vibe to people that I’m a happy women who loves to enjoy life to the fullest! 

Live life to the fullest potential and be happy!

Love of love 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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