Instagram Sum-Up

I wanted to start something new on my blog where I do a sum-up of my instagram and I will pick some of my favourites and give you a little insight, for those who follow and fo those who don’t have instagram. 

26th Thursday: I had had a busy and stressful day at college so I wanted to unwind but drinking a Mocha out of my coffee machine and catch up on some gossip and fashion collections in magazines, before I head out to my zumba session. 

27th Friday: I have never liked tea and I really want to start liking it as it’s easier for when I go people’s houses, and when I go out to cafes, also they are so cheap you can get them for like a pound! In this picture is also my money tree, I’m not sure whether it will give me money but I think it’s quite cute really, I should really think of a name for his, I’m thinking Tom or something – that was the first name which came to my head. 

Later in friday I posted this, the fault in our stars book and coffee because I was thinking about life and I wanted to plan some things for later in the year so I can make this year amazing! I’m planning on going to quite a few events this year. 

29th Sunday: I wanted to take some really cute photos for my instagram this is one of them. Some of my favourite rings, my Lipsy palette which Beth gave me, a photo strip of when Beth and I went to one of those photo booths and my favourite Sunnies, as spring is eventually here! One more season till summer! Woop Woop. 

30th Monday: I was flicking through my John Lewis book and found some really cute colours and just dreaming of when I live in my own house and I can decorate it! 

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post, if you liked it comment below with any ideas for blog posts and I’ll get right on it! 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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