Last day of long hair

Today is the last day in which I will have long hair, if you have read my last blog post yesterday I was on about having a hair cut, tomorrow is the day! I’m both excited and nervous, I really would like a new look as my hair is looking quite straggly and tatty so I would like fresh healthy hair, I’m just imagining how fast it’s going to be to wash, dry and curl my hair! But I’m slightly nervous as I hope that it will suit me. 

Today I treated myself to a silk scarf which I have been eyeing up for a while. It’s from Accessorize and I can’t wait to style it! So expect lots of fashion posts including it. I was originally planning to be out in town for an hour for my lesson but then I found that I was in there for basically all day, so I went for a really casual outfit, and quite light as I was thinking I’d be on the train then inside so I decided to only put on a light cardigan. 

Thank you for jade for taking these photos 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x 


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