Mosey Monday

There’s something about Monday’s which always get you motivated to keep fit and achieve lots of things. This week I have college off so I’m going to be making that appointment to go to the hairdressers which I haven’t had time to do yet, i want a change with my hair I’m thinking lots of layers, shorter and maybe a fringe. My hair is quite straggly and plain at the moment so I’ve decided a change is in need. 

I had the redesign bug, I have updated my blog a bit with the header, the profile area, and down the bottom of my blog is four categories. Once in a while I like to have a change. 

Another thing I’d like to achieve is getting fitter, because I’m fed up of running for the train and being so puffed out after the first step! I go to Zumba every Thursday which I have always enjoyed it a lot, everyone is so lovely even though I’m the youngest there and everyone else is mums and older, but no one really cares what you look like and if you do it wrong etc. I treated my self to a sports top surprise in pastel colours! 

The smart water is a bottle of water which everyone raves about and now I see why, it’s really nice, like I know it’s water but I can’t actually taste a big difference. 

Tefia is ready for all the flowers to come out and I do hope it gets warmer soon because I am getting so cold and how ever many layers I put on I don’t seem to get any warmer. 

What are you wanting to Acheive? 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x 


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