Spring lipsticks

Spring is here! I love how the mornings and evenings are lighter, it’s so much sunnier and that the flowers and trees are starting to look so pretty. I’m thinking of doing a few of my favourites throughout spring to inspire you through this beautiful season. 

As you may or may not know I always love wearing and experimenting with lots of lipsticks, if they are bright, pastel, dark, or nude. I find that spring is one of the easiest seasons to style for your lips. these are my favourite, all these shadesremind me of summer and they are very pigmented which I love to wear. 

List of lipsticks: (from left, up to down) 

Apocalips – apocalyptic 

Bourjois lip crayon – Peach on the beach 

Avon – pink 

Bourjois shine edition – shine 20 

Maybeline – 606

Max factor – midnight mauve 

Apocalips – aurora 

Rimmel – 210 coral in gold 

Rimmel Kate moss – 02 ( the bright pink one ) 

Rimmel Kate moss – 101 ( the light pink one ) 

I have some new curtains which so are gorgeous and really make the room a lot lighter. I love getting new things for my room it makes me so happy. You know that lovely smell you get from new curtains they have that and I keep smelling them! It reminds me of smelling a new book! 

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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