A day with GlitterMelody

 I wanted to start by saying, meet my two new plants! The little one called Toby and the other Elizabeth. These are the cutest things i have ever owned.









I love doing these ‘day in the life’ kind of posts and i feel like im vlogging but its on my blog. Today was a kind of relaxed day, it wasnt very manic if you get what i mean. On our way to the beach we stopped at a really cute cabin type place with a cafe and wood shop inside, the smell inside was the burning firewood and it was so nice. The cafe included all homemade fresh food and all the jacket potatos etc looked so nice but i opted for the scones with loads of cream and jam.

We carryied on our journey to the beach and there were pastel beach huts! They were like my favourite thing. It was really windy, like the cold wind although it was sunny it was freezing but i was wearing a dress and that was the wrong desision from the word go. I didnt dare put my feet into the sea, it was so choppy.


Comment below what you did today and if you liked these kind of posts and ill do more of them.

Hope your all well.

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x



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