A Lazy Tuesday

Yesterday was a lazy day where I went to town in the afternoon after having the morning with my Grandpa and sorting out emails. Molly and I love stopping in cafes and having a good catch up as it is hard to see each other due to us being at different colleges/ sixth forms. 

My outfit was very casual and I wanted to go for a spice of colour. (Is that even a saying?) but it was such a lovely day, with blue skies.  My laced vest top is from New look which my sister gave me a few years ago now, but it’s a good chuck on top, of course I wore my black jeans and boots because it’s not like I never wear them?! Then to add colour I layered this with a silk scarf from Accessorize and my stripy burgandy cardigan which is from New Look. If you are wondering where my bag is from surprise, surprise it’s from New Look! Haha! 

I hope you all are enjoying these past summery days.

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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