Chroma personalised notebook

For months and months now I have been wanting a personalised notebook which won’t break the bank, as you may or not know its very expensive to have a personalised notebook, it’s normally around £20 for a basic style name on the front and in black or white. 

Chroma produce good quality notebooks, they are only £8.50, with over twenty different colours, not just the basic black, white, red, blue… They have mint green, duck egg blue, pastel colours… I think my favourite thing about the colours is that they are each individually named, this one is called Charlotte, they are named after people who remind them of the colours. 

After one week the package arrived in a neatly wrapped envolope style with one of their stickers to sealed the love and care which was taken to produce it. I think this really makes a difference to the notebook that it’s been wrapped like this as everybody loves to receive a beautifully wrapped gift to you or a friend. They also give in a little card with the story and the meaning behind their products which I thought was really lovely! 

Talking about beautiful gifts, this is such a lovely idea for a present for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement (you could get one with ‘Ben and Anna’s wedding plans’ on). I like that they are so personal so it looks like you have put extra effort into choosing and designing the perfect book.  

The writing can be anything you wish, it can be a name, a logo, I chose my header which is on my blog. They can be written in Gold which mine is, Silver or recently new out, white. I love that the font is even the same as my header as you can only seem to get the font on one app which I used to produce it, so I was shocked that it was possible, but they are so lovely and always find a way around the problems. 

I am in love with my new blog book, if you are interested in what I’m going to be using this for. I basically keep a day to day plan including notes for that day, whether it’s changing the layout of my blog, take photos for a new blog post, or the blog post which I will be writing that day, I always loved to be over organised as it keeps me happy. I also use this to keep blogging events, times etc, my ‘To Do’ list related to my blog and things like that. 

What would you put on your personalised notebook? And what colour would you choose?

Chroma Website:

Chroma Instagram: @chromastationary 

Chroma Twitter: @chromastatnry

My chosen notebook colour: Charlotte hot pink 


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