Festival supplies

 Fedora hat by H&M, River Island sunglasses, Glittery Gold Makeup bag from Primark, and Fearne Cottons eye shadow Shimmer.

I can see the sun, which means its festival season! Girls, when we go to festivals we want to look and feel Instagram worthy, i have a few products which are by my side, i love that everybody is so happy and look gorgeous. Sometimes this can be hard if we don’t have the right products. Its our chance to have an amazing time and get those Pinterest style memorises. I would recommend getting/ bringing the small, holiday bottles.


Sun Cream: We don’t want red noses so sun cream is the easiest option, i apply a layer of the Garnier Ambre Solaire under my makeup, which is Factor 30 which is plenty for me because i don’t burn that easily but if you have sensitive skin due the sun then use a higher factor to be honest it doesn’t take that long to apply so i would advise not to skip it.


Dry Shampoo: When at festivals i find that my hair gets more greasy than normal due to the sun, and dancing, because we all know that dancing is amazing when live music is involved! My favourite dry shampoo when i am boogying is the Charles Worthington on the go, you only need a little bit so a small bottle will be more than enough for the weekend.


Texturizing spray: Another hair product which i think is a must for festivals, is the Tony and Guy texturizing spray which you spray through your hair while scrunching and you’ll find that you have some beautiful beach waves. I find that beach waves makes you look like you have spent loads of time on curling your hair.


Lip balm: My all time favourite lip balm is the Cath Kidston lip balm with SPF in. We don’t want to have sun burned lips, yep that’s a thing! This is the most balmy, moisturising lip balm, and i find that it lasts for hours which means we don’t have to keep re-applying it!


 Ted Baker shopping bag, H&M fedora and Fearne Cotton eye shadow shimmers.


These next products, i would say that they are add on’s if you get what i mean.


Sleepy mist: This product is a sleepy spray which you can spray to help you sleep. Random? It isn’t because if your camping at the festival, then this will be your saviour, I’ve camped so many times before and its so hard to relax while your sleeping on the floor. I find that this scent is so warming and relaxing which is perfect for when your trying to get comfortable in a field.


Hand Gel: I carry this around with me everywhere i go not just for festivals, i find that its smaller and easier than wet wipes and it kills more bacteria. I like that you can even use it when the sinks etc aren’t too good, before you eat and you don’t have to queue for the sinks, which is always a bonus!


Lip balm alternative: If the Cath Kidston lip balms aren’t in your price range or doesn’t take your interest then these Burts Bees lip balms aren’t raved about enough i don’t think as they are so moisturising and they come in different scents which for those sweet scent lovers out there, you catered for too!


Wet face/ hand wipes: Wipes are great for festivals as i find that they have so many uses, hands when the sinks are busy, feet for when they get muddy, face for taking makeup off and for mopping things up too.


i hope you are all planning which festivals you are going to this year


Let me know what festivals you are going to and what your festival supplies are!


Stylishly yours


Hannah x


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