Getting ready for spring and summer

As you all will probably know, spring and summer are my favourite seasons, I just love how happy everyone is and everything seems to be a lot brighter. Another is that the lighting is almost perfect for taking great photos. Changing from the darker months can be a hassle but changing them early is better as then you can make the most of the brighter months. 

Swapping your wardrobe: its finally time to get all those dresses and shorts out which are gathering dust ring them to the front and take away the thick jumpers and coats which can wait for a rainy day. I am just about to do mine and it’s also a great time to go through everything and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in ages, or getting old. 

Get outside: now, is the perfect weather to be going outside and doing all those things on your bucket list. Going for a picnic, to the beach, have water fights etc. Make this spring and summer ‘the’ spring and summer. 

Lather yourself in body butter and lotion: Grab those body lotions and smother your body as you don’t want the ‘dried up look’ on the beach do you? 

Last minute exercise: I go to a zumba class every Thursday and it gets me moving and I find that it clears my head from all the stress and worries. I also have recently dusted the Wii off and i bought a zumba session game and a fitness one which I do on the other days. I will get a flat tummy by summer! 

Experiment with colours: Whether that’s in your outfits or the decorations in your room, try brightening things up a bit. I have found that colour tends to make you happier. As your know I love to wear different coloured outfits and I do this because it gives myself a spring in my step! 

If you would like more of these type of blog posts then let me know

I do apologise for being a little quiet on my blog last week but I was spending time with my family and friends for Easter. I hope you had a lovely Easter and ate lots of chocolate. 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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