Lace and Bills

Yesterday, I wanted to bring out the lace top from Le Beau, yes the lace top which is one: a crop top which shows my tummy, and two: the top has no under lay if you get what I mean. I decided to brave it and wear a boob tube which is from primark. I paired this with a loose blue cardigan and my trusty pair of black skinnies. 

My accessories, well I tried the whole double neckless thing so I went for two accessorize necklesses, I am really liking it so I think this will be carrying on! I’m having an obsession with rings and I’m currently wearing the hand and the flower rings which I are from river island and the other heart ring, well I have had quite a few years and It always stays on my finger! 

In the afternoon we wanted a change to Cafe Nero so we went and got some chips and salad from Billsi wanted to include this because their were so many different colours of tomatoes included. Wasn’t a fan of the green ones though. Anyway on to hot chocolate a and pancakes! In the morning we actually and to Patisserie Valerie. Here’s the photos of course… 

Craving hot chocolate and pancakes yet? 

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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