Little Green Gardens

Yesterday we went to the little part of the gardens which is so pretty at the moment because everything has come alive, it makes me so happy as you can probably see by the photo of me spinning around! I have found that I’m not really living life to its fullest potential, I just get up, go college or whatever and watch Pretty little Liars wishing that I had a boyfriend like them (every girl I know who has watched it wishes it too, I promise I not werid!) 

Tomorrow I have a benefit blogging event! My first event, I was invited to a London event but I couldn’t get down there for the next day (sad face) but I. Delighted that I’ve been invited to go to this one! (Yes, I’m going to blog about it!) 

Anyway with my outfit I dug out the strapless green top which I’ve had for years from primark and I found it really hard to pair it with much but a black skater skirt from New Look, so that’s what I did with a New Look jumper and Cath Kidston Converse because day before my shoes rubbed so much on both my ankles so I’m trying to recover! 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x 


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