Moroccan Rose Water | Review

For the past week I have been trying the Moroccan Rose Water by Insta Natural. A natural facial toner with has multiple uses, which when I kindly recieved this I was surprised with the numerous ways you can use it. I love finding products which are fully natural, as it makes me feel like I am doing good to the world, if you get what I mean. I noticed a real difference in my skin after using this product, before I felt quite groggy but after using my skin felt clean and fresh. I use this on a cotton pad and gently swipe across my face to tighten pores, it also helps with acne and creating soft, clean skin. I’d like to take a moment to mention the scent the Rose water has, I was expecting one of those fake rose scents but i wrong I actually spent a solid two minutes just smelling the water, As you do! 

I also used this in my bath, a couple of drops and my skin and scent of the bath was very warming and relaxing which is always a bonus when having a girlie night in, don’t you think? 

Another use is to massage a drop into the scalp of your head amd after twenty to thirty minutes of letting the rose water to do it magic then my hair was in really nice condition, it was soft and shiny as well which girls, we all love that Pintrest style hair, this is the first product which has given me the closest to it! After using the product regularly for about a week I still have loads left so the product will last you for about a year which I think £14.95 per bottle for a years amount is amazing. 

The Rose Water is in a glass bottle so I wouldn’t recommend this for travelling but if I were to go away I would probably transfer a bit into a plastic bottle. Also the top of the bottle is open, it doesn’t have a nossle and I found that I have to pay a lot attention to ensure non spilt but apart from that I really enjoyed the product and saw a big difference. I am defiantly going to keep using the product regularly as I love the multi-use, the scent and the outcome to my skin and hair was outstanding! 

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