Spring Blue

Yesterday I wanted to wear a comfortable outfit because I was only in for a couple of hours, to go to college then to have lunch with a friend. It was lovely to have such a chilled kind of day after the last couple being so busy. I finished the day off by doing some work out in the garden with my cat and as usual going to my Zumba session. Which I really enjoyed as quite a few people attended and it’s always fun when there are lots of us. 

I am really into wearing these small cardigans, I have quite a few in lots of shades for every outfit, blue, black, white, green you name it. I feel like my outfits have been lacking a bit but I am going to try and make a real effort next week to experiment more. 

Also I’d like to just say a little side note that it’s my third year anniversary of my blog. I wanted to do something little to kind of celebrate so just prepare for my blog to get better and an amazing blog post.  It will all happen for the 2nd of June. I know that’s a little way away but I have to do the ‘thing’ in May and then finish it. I have decided knot to tell you all what this is until the 2nd of June, it nothing too expectacular but I’m really excited! We are going to be beginning the process on Monday, where by the way there will be no outfit post but I’ll be doing something different. 

Hope you all have a good weekend 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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