The classic spring outfit

Tuesday’s outfit (can you tell I’m trying to catch up on blog posts) was another cropped top day but I decided to go for the pink on. I actually have one in every colour they do apart from this gone off yellow. I paired this with my patterned trousers which I am still obsessed with and the flip flops from yesterday. It was really hot the other day and Beth and I decided to get those dough balls from Pizza Express, I don’t think my addiction will ever end with them, we sat in the Cathedrel green and people watched. We found that their are a lot of tourists in Exeter which is weird because personally I don’t think their is much to see there. 

In the photos you will see that I am carrying my new gym bag which phoebe and I had to take the stuffing out of it and put it not another because it was two pound cheaper the other day. I don’t actually got to the gym but I go climbing and all my stuff just about fits in there which is handy dandy. 

I hope you are all having a lovely day 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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