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It’s so lovely to be writing again on my blog I have been very busy over the Easter period. We took my cat out today on her lead and she loved this sunny weather we have been having recently, please Mr sunshine, don’t end! I’ve been dreaming of coachella and hoping I can attend one year because it looks so fun and exciting, I’ve been scrolling down the hashtags looking at all the photos on Instagram. 

I’ve also been taking part in quite a few Twitter chats which I end up doing it for around two to three hours a night, now that dedication! 

I wanted to start new blog post series this year, with that in mind I’ve decided to do a To do style list. Letting you know what I’m going to be doing for the time ahead. I actually got the idea from http://tutusandpearls.blogspot.co.uk she is a lovely girl with lots of fresh ideas! I hope you like this little series as I’m quite excited to do this, I feel like it’s going to get me to do the things instead of procrastinating. We all do it! 

To do list: 

Write all the spring outfit posts I have planned and taken photos for. 

Write and upload the Moroccan Rose Water review 

Do a load of college coursework

Go through all the makeup and chuck out the ‘gone off’ items

Do zumba and toning routines every night 

Take photos for both Instagrams 

I hope you have a lovely Sunday

Comment below whats on your to do list? 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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