April's Little Moments

Last month a lot happened, some new things and some being the old regular like having hot chocolates at Cafe Nero (I’m obviously not having one right this second… Well) So Anyway I wanted to do a kind of a sum up of the ‘little moments’ which happened. 

So I guess I should start off by saying the hot chocolate’s I’ve been having, and that all of them being from Cafe Nero. I tried to remember to take photos of all of them but I don’t think I did, i seem to be a regular here (yes, I here right now!) The two men who work here always know what I am having(hot chcocolate), what size (large), if I having whipped cream and chcocolate sprinkles (yes, and yes) and if I want it in or to take away (in). They always are so welcoming, we have a quick chat about college and things like that, it makes my day! 

At the end of the month I was lucky enough to be invited to go to a benefit event in my town, and it was honestly one of the best days, it was lovely to meet all the friendly faces of blogging which I only knew through blogs and photos. If you missed that post I link it here. I learned so much about the Benefit makeup and trying them was so fun. All the girls were so warming and it was nice to meet someone who knew why I take photos of everything, which was good because I was very nervous before hand as it was my first event! 

My favourite outfit of last month would have to be the black lace top with the boob tube underneigh, I just feel like it’s one step closer to being ‘body confident’. Which reminds me, I’m still doing my zumba nearly everyday and I’m still really obsessed with buying workout outfits! 

I bought my first two cacti which I obviously named, Toby and Elizabeth. (Not knowing that I named it Toby from Pretty Little Liars so I am now naming all my cacti after names of PLL) I am really loving them and I love how the little buckets to hold them make them look even cuter! 

The songs which are my Spotify playlist at the moment are mainly Rihanna because her songs are really good at the moment, but there are some extras too, also I am loving some of the older songs you know from like 2005 ish so there’s a couple of them too: 

1. American Oxygen – Rihanna

2. FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna 

3. B..ch better have my money – Rihanna 

4. Gravity – Ella eyre 

5. XO – Beyoncé

6. 7/11 – Beyoncé

7. Parachute – Cheryl Cole

8. I really like you – Carly Rae Jepson

9. All about tonight – Pixie Lott 

10. Big girls cry – Sia 

I really do hope you liked this post and that you are having a lovely week! 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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