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Today i went to a bloggers event which was held at Benefit, as you will know I have an overview session of all their products and playing with the makeup click here if you want to read that blog post.  With 3 other bloggers, Lauren, Dayna and Kerry we all came back and a month later for another Benefit session where we concentrated on contouring which we all chose last month in which we wanted more support on. 

Firstly we started with skincare, skincare is a big part to making your skin and makeup looking flawless, starting by applying toner on a cotton pad all over the face to get rid of any unwanted dirt which is clogging up the sky and pores. 

Who here uses serum? No, well your not on your own I have never used serum until today, serum helps pull in your moisturiser, wish out it your moisturiser will just stay on top of your skin and not moisturise. After use a moisturiser based on your skin type, for combination here is the product ‘triple performing’ Moisturising obviously stops your skin getting dry but it also helps your skin to look flawless after applying your makeup. And same with the eye cream which we used, the one we used in particular is the ‘it’s potent!, helps with dark circles with brightening. 

Now onto my new favourite product which I’m not going to talk about too much because I’m going to be uploading a whole post on it to give you an insight of the product before its launch on Saturday! It’s part of the Porefessional range and its ‘the license to blot’ if you are always getting oily then this is for you, it’s a balm which you can apply before and after makeup to mattifying shine. (Blog post up tomorrow about it! ) 

To make sure our makeup is free of pores and helps keeps our makeup on all day we applied the Porefessional. 

So now all our skincare was applied and our skin look so bright and amazing we were on to makeup to make us bloggers look stunning! We started with foundation which I used the ‘hello flawless’ which is very lightweight and creates a natural look while covering those annoying pores! After that we were on to the contouring and highlighting! Which we were most excited about! A cream contouring product we used to get the lines in which we wanted to bronze up is ‘boi-ing’ in shade 5. We used a concealer brush to create lines in which we wanted to emphasise shadowing. We all admitted we only do a little of the contouring we were shown today so we were amazed by how much more you can do. We blended our contours and highlighters (boi-ing in the lightest shade mixed with liquid highlighter) with blending sponges which literally took ages but i have never achieved contour as good as this before! To warm the contour we blended a little Hoola bronzer below the cheek bones. 

As many bloggers and girls who wear makeup are unsure of, is contouring. Once you know how, it’s quite easy, it just takes a lot of time to do (After we found out today).

Gotta have a selfie!

As many bloggers and girls who wear makeup are unsure of, is contouring. Once you know how, it’s quite easy, it just takes a lot of time to do (After we found out today).

I have learned so much today (as you can tell by the massive post!) I just wanted to say thank you to Tayla and Kathleen who ran the events and are truly amazing! If you are in Exeter and would like to go to Benefit, go to the house of Fraser one and ask for them because they are so lovely. And a quite thank you to the other girls for being so lovely and making the blogging community amazing! 

I hope you like this post and keep your eye out tomorrow for the insight into the new mattifying product which comes out on Saturday!! Wohoo!

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x 


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