Cadhay Fair

I want to start showing you all my favourite places to visit, as most of you know I love to travel, get out the house and to have adventures. I like to share the love of these places so if you live down in devon you can enjoy them too, or if it helps to open the mind to opportunities, whether it’s a walk, fair, attraction I just love to enjoy life as it comes and see every part of Devon’s little beauty’s. 

The other day I went to Cadhay Fair which I try to go to every year. This is one of my favourite fairs to go to because it’s a good old traditional one, if you get what I mean. Cadhay have amazing grounds with ponds, big buildings, feilds and many pretty plants. 

Pone of the great things with Cadhay is that you can have a look around the stalls like the coconut shy,  book sales, cake sales, etc. But you can un dust the summer blankets and enjoy the sun, people watch and see the amazing stunts and entertainments throughout the day. 

Every year they have the archery which as you know I’m up for anything really so I was definitely up for having a go! I didn’t get the middle but I was close, I had a really nice time. I felt like Robina Hood, (Robin Hood – I had to make up a girl version!) 

As you can see the gardens are stunning and well loved, I love the little things like the mini wells, ponds and wall plants. They add such a cute touch and plants always make me happy. 

There’s a swing in the middle of the field which you can’t not have a go can you! 

The traditional ferret racing! One of my favourite events, the money from the 50p bets all go to charity and if you won, (like me I chose pink) you win a £1. I like that it includes all the family and everybody has a smile of their faces. Plus the ferrets are adorable!


In the lower entertainment ring were Andrei Burton and josh Kydd with their amazing bike skills, with jumps and many other skills, whenever I watch them it instantly puts me in a good mood, I just love the adrenalin and good vibe which comes off them. I highly recommend you see them if they are near you. They jumped onto there van and did long jump, now you don’t see that everyday!

Lastly the birds of prey which never lets you done, the birds are so interesting and a few little random moments happened too, like the kestrel above few on a woman’s hat which she was wearing, also he flew away to a far tree and wouldn’t come down for a while, but it all adds to the spontaneous and interesting show!

I hope you have enjoyed this style post and there will be more soon, as this is the fair season so be sure to check your eyes peeled! 

Stylishly yours

Hannah x


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