Let's go on an adventure!

Last week jade (allthingsjadex) and I were in class and we suddenly decided we were going to travel to Plymouth for the day. So Wednesday we did just that, we got up nice and early and met each other at the train station so we could make a day of it! Inbetween waiting for trains we got a cappuccino which is no surprise for me! 

After chatting on the train for around an hour about travelling more in the future, the life of blogging and life in general we arrived at the beautiful city. Obviously like all girls we went shopping in the morning, but in the after we walked down to the Hoe, which surprisingly I’ve never been before, and oh my I wish I had done it more because it’s so beautiful and I was saying to Jade that we probably see things which everyone who live here doesnt see or take for granted, the flowers, landmarks and the sea. 

It was so beautiful and it was lovely just to sit on the grass and to admire all the little things in life. Also to put our photography skills to the test!  

You gotta have some photos in front of the Hoe, for my outfit I decided to dig out my colourful floral playsuit from New Look and black tights from H&M. This was quite a simle outfit but it was perfect for the blue sky day. We found a pool which was on the poolside and we were so tempted to have swim in there!

When in a pretty place ‘take a selfie’ 

I really enjoyed going out for an adventure and travelling. 

‘If you want an adventure, take a step outside’ 

I’m a girl for taking adventures I love it, I love to find new places which no one else raves on about and find there hidden treasures.

Jade and I are going to plan some other places soon, so let me know if you liked this post and I’ll do more like this. This is an ad on to my favourite places to visit, when we were there I felt like we were in a film just being free and away from stress and drama! 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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