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I have been using my glitter magic and I have found an amazing Photo website/ business which i would like to share with you. :printl.net is a website based company which makes your memories into photos, like proper photos you can hold, treasure and remember. PrintL sent me ten of my top ten liked photos on my Instagram @glittermelody I am in love with them. 

Inside the main envolope I found a smaller envolope which had their company stickers on, with your Polaroids they include a favourite photo of their Polaroids under their hashtag. 

The Polaroids themselves are of very high quality and on card so they won’t get dented or damaged, these can be used how ever you like. Peg them to create a memory banner, put inside a card as a gift to show your memories, create a scrapbook, etc. I feel like this is a really creative and great way of taking your top 10 liked Instagram photos every month and turning them into a real life object. The photos are really high of quality and they are my new favourite things in my room! 

Bring your memories to life with :prints.net 

They do free shipping worldwide which is always a bonus.

Instagram: printl_net 

Website: www.printl.net 

Email: hello@printl.net

Blog: http://printl.net/blog/ 

Hashtag your printl Polaroid photos to #printl 


Stylishly yours 

Hannah x



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