Day in Dawlish


Yesterday, Jade and i went on another little adventure to Dawlish. A beautiful place, a beach and a relaxing area. We started our day at the main Dawlish town which was our main photo opportunity with birds, lights, a river, and bunting. There were many birds on the grass which was Jades favourite part because she is obsessed with them!

We then decided to walk over to Dawlish Warren which is more of the entertainment town, which includes Amusements, Go-Karts, and the beach, its still very pretty there with large green areas which we sat for a while and relaxed in the sun as it was so sunny, although their was a little wind it wasn’t cold at all!




I remembered in my other wardrobe that i have my black and white checked oversized dress (from Glamorous)  which i normally pair with a belt to show my figure but i didn’t yesterday because of two things, one being i couldn’t find it and the other being that i have seen these oversized dresses on Pinterest and they look really nice so i thought id give it a go, not sure if i pulled it off but all i know that in the wind it was very hard to stop it from flying up!  


I paired this with my lace black pumps (Primark) as usual, and my sunnies from River Island which i love but are getting a little tight on the sides so i think i will have to get an upgrade! I realised in these photos that i gained that messy beach hair so lets pretend that was intentional!



I hope you are enjoying these day in the life posts.


Stylishly Yours


Hannah x 



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