How blogging has changed my life

When I tell people I am a blogger I tend to get two reactions, one being ‘what’s that, you basically write what your doing, who wants to read that? Today I got up ate some toast for breakfast, then I went to college, had tea and went to bed early’ and the other being ‘woah! That’s so cool, do you get free products to review? I want to start a blog so I can get free things!’. 

Well let’s just start off by saying that I don’t write what I’m doing everyday, like seriously that isn’t really true blogging, that’s more like a diary. On my blog i write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, lifestyle being a few day in the life posts and things like that but when I write them I make them interesting by adding photos asking them personal so you can get to know me and so people want to read them! 

I personally do not write a blog to get free samples, products or to get paid, but when I get asked to receive a product for a review on my blog I like to read up about their products, history and their story behind them. I’ll be honest about my thoughts and opinions because I want you all to trust and believe in me that I’ll show you great things. I also don’t do this to get paid, maybe in the near future I might agree to earn through my blog but i will do this so I can purchase more products etc to review and show you all on here. Maybe even one day this will earn me enough to make blogging my full job but even when it is I will still put in as much or even more work in than I do now so I can make my blog the best it can be! 

Advice: Dont start a blog just to get free samples, it’s a lot of work, it’s not just writing a little bit here and there, there’s a lot of admin, social media, social skills, to build on, the amount of emails I receive have probably tripled. 

Now I have that all out of the way. How blogging changed my life! Where do I begin, so when I last seen Dayna (another blogger) we were having this conversation, I am constantly thinking about my blog, I don’t think a day goes past when I don’t think about it, ‘ooo that would be a good blog post’ ‘I need to make sure I’m all caught up on my blog admin’. There are events, Twitter chat and social media which you can attend and take part in to make your blog known. Every minute I get, whether that’s waiting for my college class, on the train, late at night, in the bath, I’ll be writing away on emails, blog posts, or taking part in chats. 

My English and graphic design skills were very good in school, but writing this blog I have improved so much but it still takes me a while to write a post, design my blog, etc but it’s so much better than it used to be! Does anyone remember my early days when my blog was pink background, purple basic header and a load of gadgets? 

I wonder, what my life would be like if I wasn’t a blogger, well, I’d probably have loads of time on my hands, and I wouldn’t have met such lovely people. I wouldn’t think of myself of being unique, and I won’t have as big dreams as I do now. 

Wow! That was a long one, I hope this post has been of some what interesting and helpful, also not being too rambly! 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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