Insta Natural Vitamin C facial toner

As you know I am a big fan of Insta Natural products, a few months ago now I received the Moroccan Rose Water which I review on here. Recently, I kindly received another product from them which is the Vitamin C Facial toner. I feel that toners aren’t rated enough, they are an important part of our skincare routine. 

The Vitamin C facial toner, is pore tightning so this will help reduce pores and blemishes, making your skin look healthier and clear which we all dream of having don’t we! Different to the Moroccan which you apply with a cotton pad, you can either spray the toner straight onto the face and let the product sink in by letting it air dry, or you can spray the toner onto a cotton pad and apply. 

Vitamin C is a great thing, it does wonders to you skin! I have found after using this for a couple of weeks my skin is ten times better, it looks healthy, so my skin isn’t so red any more. My blemishes and pores are reduced by half the size or have gone. 

I’d like to take a second to talk about the packaging, I think that it’s so pretty, and simple but straight to the point just like the product, it’s simple to use and gets straight into your skin and leaves your skin so pretty! I love how each product is different colour and has the same layout, you can tell that they want to consentrate on the product itself to make sure it’s perfect! 

I highly recommend the Vitamin C facial toner and I’d like to add that I only work with brands and company’s who I highly believe in and love, I don’t want to just share with you any product I want to show you products which are amazing and which I like to use on a regular basis. 

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