As you all know i love to travel, whether that is in the United Kingdom or abroad, i think other parts of the world is so fascinating! I have done some research and found that around 55% of you aren’t from the UK so i wanted to do a blog post about my trip to London the Capital, where i went the other day.

I travelled by train, which isn’t unusual but i travelled about six hours in total there and back to London. There are many reasons why i am in love with London, a few being the busy yet exciting vibe, the giant shops and the fashion which everyone wears, down here if you wear a dress with heels whilst shopping its kind of unusual but up in London its normal!


One of the first places we wanted to go was the four lions because they are a big thing in London, if it wasn’t so busy i would have tried to climb on to one.

Whilst there’s a picture of me here i will talk you through my basic outfits for a big day of walking and shopping. This white cropped top is kind of lace/ string style, my favourite part being the zig zag bottom. My skinny trousers and top are both from New Look and these have a monochrome pattern on and are my go to trousers for those days which ‘I have nothing to wear whilst i look at a wardrobe full of clothes’ day.  Along with these i wore my lace black pumps from Primark and a brown bag from Accessorize to finish the outfit off.

Each street was curved and busy which i love because it makes each trip up there extra special, there’s always something new going on.

The Disney shop was huge, and there were characters which you could have a picture with and a big carriage in which i could pose weirdly and pretend i was the beautiful Cinderella!

In Selfridge’s there were chairs hanging from the ceiling when i came down the escalators. which i thought was quite a cool idea as it looked so pretty!

When we got to Hyde park there was British summer time festival being built so we sat and had one of the best ice creams, while watching people building the big curves. Although London’s buildings are amazing, there parks are so, so pretty!

On the way back to the station we find an area where these cool floating figures were and i found them really interesting and i really want to know how they do this!

I had a lovely trip and i hope you liked this post showing my day.

Stylishly Yours

Hannah x


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