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I love taking photos, when it comes to printing them i love good quality print outs which will last for years to come so when i have children and all of that i can get them out and show them what wonderful memories i made in my younger years. Polaroid style photos are very popular in this generation and i think its a lovely idea because if you want to put a quote, a date or something personal on the photo then there’s a little space at the bottom for it, as well as that i think that polaroid photos are so cute and soooo Instagram worthy!

I’d like to show you a printing company which i absolutely love. The company is called Printl and since discovering them a couple of months ago i have loved them to pieces. What they do is, they use your top 10 liked photos and print them off for you on high quality card in Polaroid style and ship them to you.  

This is a monthly service which i think is really good because as you take photos, they print them off for you so you can keep hold of them for a life time. The Polaroid’s are three inches by four inches which is a little larger than traditional ones, but i think this is better as you can see every little detail in each photo. I also love the idea that they use your top ten liked photos which gives you a lovely surprise when you receive them at your door because you don’t know which ones have made the cut!

I use these to make bunting by attaching pretty pegs onto some string then pegging the photos onto them, so you can regularly see all your memories when you walk into your room. I glue them onto the front of cards to share my memories with friends and family, And the best thing is, is that your possibilities are endless to what you can do with them and what photos you take. 

Recently they have bought out a new feature of making your Instagram memories into Printl Posters so you can customise your own wall poster of all your amazing photos in one area! I would probably frame it and get a few so i can give them as gifts for people! It’s great because you can customize how many photos you want on the poster and what border etc so you can make yours unique! 

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