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I am one for wearing a basic outfit and dressing it up with jewellery, it adds a bit of personality and style. I have found an amazing website where you can design your own jewellery! 

I find this great because you can make your braclet more personal but choosing the length, beads, pattern and even what colour clasps you want! There are so many designs and ideas which you could come up with, as they have rows and rows of beads all different size, shape and colour so you can make some for your self or as a gift for a friend, family, or even your teacher to say thank you! 

On their website it’s very easy to use, having a button in the top left hand corner having a drop down list of every thing you will need in your jewellery making, from trays of beads to inspiration where you can have a look at what others have made for you to by also. (My bracelet is on there so if you would like one of my design then we can we can be ‘Matching bracelet buddies!’) 

When you have chosen your desired length and colour clasps you can start the bead placing process, I love it because it reminds me of one of those childhood games where you design your own jewellery but this is better because this actually gets sent to your door – and super fast too, mine came in a couple of days! 

If you put your Twitter handle Mink and Stone will upload a photo on Twitter of your jewellery made before you receive it which I think is a lovely idea as you can start to see your jewellery coming to life! 

You can choose from necklesses (of all lengths) choker necklesses and bracelets! 

Each bead is a different price and as you make the price will add up at the top so you can see exactly how much it will be which I find very helpful! 

With my bracelet I decided to go for the smallest length because I have tiny wrists, and silver clasps as I felt this matched my head choice well. The beads I opted for were tiny brown ones, and two different types of blue ones which I thought was a casual yet dressy decision also blue tends to go with anything, this came to £10.14 which I think is really good because are getting a braclet which is very personal. 

You can have your jewellery gift wrapped for no extra costs which I thought was a lovely idea and would be great for presents! I love that each one comes in a beautiful black bag which you can keep the bracelet in when not wearing to ensure it’s condition. This is very strong so I don’t think it’s easy to break, and I think it’s such a great idea and I highly recommend giving Mink and Stone a try! 

I found this so fun to do, and I loved looking down all the beads seeing all the types and styles there were! Since I recieved this I have worn it every day and it seems to go with every outfit! 

If you would like my design the link is: 



Twitter and Instagram: minkandstone

Have fun and get creative!! 

Stylishly Yours 

Hannah x

*i was kindly given this product from Mink and Stone to review on my blog


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