New additions

When we went to London the other day one of the places i wanted to go to H&M, the store there has a home section and seriously, this is a big thing for me because the store near me doesn’t have this and i always daydream at all the beautiful items on their website. When i went in there it wasn’t as big as i thought but it was still crammed with beautifulness! Copper, white, modern and vintage things, gosh i must have took about half an hour in there and im normally one of those people who pop in and out of shops in five minutes!

We picked up these black trays, they came in a pack of three, my parents had the medium sized one and i had the others. I love the two little circler cut outs either side, I’m not sue why but i just think they add a bit of a look to them. Black seems to go really well in my white room, so i placed the big one on top of my Ikea vanity which i think looks adorable and quite cute for my two plants Caleb and Lucas (Yes, i name my plants!) to sit on. Everything looks better in threes and fives so to add one more thing i added my little Ted Baker candle.

The trays are really well made as they are quite thick so i feel like these are going to last a long time. The smaller one i decided to place on my dressing table with little things on until i find a better place to put it! At the moment i have put my Benefit Licence to blot, a Maybelline lipstick, my new seventeen eye shadow palette, a couple rings, and some hairbands, clips etc.

I hope you are enjoying this hot weather although i am finding it very clammy which i am not a big fan of. Today i am actually going to Torquay so tomorrow with jade, there will be a blog post about my day!

Stylishly yours

Hannah x


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