Pamper evening essentials

We all love to have some time away from all the stress of the exams and drama don’t we. So I’m going to give you my pamper night essentials. I’ll start with one of my favourite products, the Tea Tree Tab by Lush, this is a two in one product which I absolutely love! Start with a bowl of boiling water (please be careful!) and pop your Tab in and it’ll fizzle, hold your face over the stream over the bowl. I like to put a towel Over my head so I don’t get any distractions, the tea tree stream which comes off will clear your pores and help to remove blemishes. Then after you have finished you can pour the water into a bottle and use it on a cotton pad as a cleanser/toner! 

Next I have a Clear Skin blackhead clay mask which on a pamper night we can’t forget a mask, I have started to get blackhead around my lips and since using this they have cleared and cleared! This also helps with pores and blemishes. To keep my hair from my face I will use the Soap and Glory head band which makes me feel like I’m on one of those vintage movies! 

Next I have my essential body products, so I am currently in love with this star soap by Lush which smells just like the Candy Mountain which I am in love with! It foams up well and leaves your skin feeling very soft which is always a bonus! Another product which leaves your skin silky and smooth is the Coco Butter Formula Body Scrub, also it literally smells just like chocolate which had been melted like how cool is that! Summer has just started and we all want that summer glow right? Well I have been trying out quite a few gradual tanners and I have found a really good one which doesn’t leave you orange, and one which doesn’t take to long to see that the product is actually working, or is that just me who likes that! I have found that you see results fast and many people after using this everyday for a week said to me ‘ooo your so tanned!’ 

Lastly is the odds and ends essentials, I normally use this time to catch up on Instagram, Twitter etc. And to write up any blog post ideas in my blog book which I kindly received from Chroma which I did a blog post about a couple of months ago. If I’m not doing any of that then I’ll be painting my nails, my favourite one at the moment is the silver Shade by Essie as its shimmery and we all know I love shimmer! While i relax I like to light my Ted Baker candle just because it’s cute and pretty! 

This is the second time I have written this post, the first time it got deleted, so I apologise that this is late compared to Etcdanya’s collab post. 

Hope you all have a lovely pamper night please send me your photos of your pamper night and tag me in them as I’d love to see them 

Stylishly yours 

Hannah x


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